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The story of ECSL Steel Manufacturing and Trading Corporation is about Filipino ingenuity, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to customer service and quality workmanship.It all began with a small workshop in Navotas during the 1940s. The shop owner, Pablo Alcantara Santos, began as a humble builder of pedicab sidecars. At that time, he only worked with galvanized iron; still, his skill and craftsmanship, along with a personal commitment to quality, resulted in well-built and durable products.Soon enough, Pablo Santos’ shop earned notoriety in Navotas for its affordable yet quality sidecars.


The small workshop grew and became a family business. The Santos family earned a well-deserved reputation for their sidecars.  Eventually, they expanded their manufacturing business to include sidecars for motorcycles. Businesses, big and small, trusted Santos’ sidecars to ply their products and services through the roads of Navotas.Santos-built has become synonymous to quality and sturdy products. From using galvanized iron, they added stainless steel to their raw materials. This further established their reputation for making long-lasting products that are affordable to big, medium, and small entrepreneurs.


The Santos family kept their commitment to their customers of giving them quality and affordability. New materials, new technology, and manufacturing techniques honed by experience and study made their sidecars sturdy and able to withstand tough road conditions; lasting for years despite being subjected to stress and wear and tear.Businessmen and drivers trust their sidecars for proving to be cost-effective over the long haul. Even under the toughest conditions, for example, hauling heavy containers of fish from the fish port–Santos-built sidecars are simply reliable.The Santoses showed, once again, that a family’s commitment to quality and affordability could never go wrong. This tireless dedication, they believe, benefits their customers most and helps spread success and prosperity in the community.


Eventually, the Santos patriarch, Pablo, passed on his skills and expertise to his children, his son Mario in particular.  With the children’s modern mindset and new knowledge, combined with Pablo’s decades of experience, they were able to expand their manufacturing business.From sidecars, they began to manufacture passenger jeepneys, and stainless-steel owner-type jeeps. Then they added product lines to include steel gates, windows, chairs, tables, and other steel fabricated products customized to clients’ specifications.This expertise and commitment to quality and affordability were passed on to later generations within the family.Eventually, the company underwent a merger with the Llosala family, known experts in designing fabricated steel products.The merger formed an even industrious company and organization on August 1, 2016, when they officially established ECSL Steel Manufacturing.From then on, ECSL Steel Manufacturing established itself as a tested, trusted, and dependable maker and supplier of customized steel products. Their various clients include hotels, resorts, offices, restaurants, and companies and organizations that need quality and affordable fabricated steel products.


ECSL operates a 3,000-square-feet facility that houses modern technology and machinery for bending, shaping, cutting, and welding. This massive workshop allows our metal craftsmen to customize steel products to each client’s specification.


More recently, ECSL expanded from steel manufacturing to trading. As ECSL Trading Corporation, the company now supplies quality and affordable motor parts. ECSL Trading Corporation also supplies quality products for hotels, resorts, restaurants, offices, hospitals, and schools.ECSL has come a long way from the humble iron and metal workshop in Navotas in the 1940s. One thing will never change in the Santos family–their commitment to affordability and quality in all the products they build and supply. This commitment fostered a dependable partnership between the family and its customers for several generations.The SANTOS-LLOSALA family continues to provide affordable yet long-lasting, quality, dependable, reliable, and world-class products and services. That is a commitment that will never fade.

ECSL Head Office and Fabrication shop
Sagbat Pilila Diversion Road, Brgy. Plaza Aldea
Tanay Rizal 1980
T: 0917 561 3779